Basic Course (1 Month)

Equity Market

  • Introduction and basic of share Market.
  • Primary Market and Secondary Market
  • IPO/Right issue
  • Stock exchanges in India.
  • NSE-Index- Nifty
  • BSE-Index -Sensex
  • Regulation on share market.
  • Trading Hours.
  • Mutual Fund/Bonds/Share
  • Type of Market & Bullish/Bearish Trade
  • Large/Medium/Small Scale companies.
  • Basic Requirement for trading
  • Purpose of Demate and Trading Account.
  • Factor affecting to equity Market

Commodity Market

  • Basic of Commodity Market
  • Factor affecting to commodity Market
  • Commodity Market in India
  • Trading Hours in commodity Market
  • Metals
  • Energy
  • Livestock and Meat
  • Agriculture
  • Lot size and Margin
  • Most volatile commodities
  • Expiry dates
  • Intraday Trade in commodities
  • Positional Trade in commodities

Currency Market

  • Basics of Currency Market
  • Factor affecting to currency Market
  • How to trade in currency Market
  • Trading Hours in Currency Market
  • Currency Trading Exchanges.
  • 4 types of currency pairs
  • Base currency
  • Quote Currency
  • Lot Size
  • Margin or Leverage

Trading Strategies

  • What is Intraday Trading?
  • What is Delivery based Trading?
  • What is positional Trading?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Intraday Trading.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Delivery based and Positional Trade.
  • Cash Market.

How to operate Trading software?

  1. Login To trading account.
  2. Add and withdraw Funds from trading account
  3. Watchlist
  4. Add Stocks
  5. Market Depth.
  6. Upper Circuit / Lower Circuit.
  7. Order Book
  8. Type of order
  9. Simple Order
  10. Cover Order
  11. Bracket Order
  12. AMO order
  13. Intraday / Delivery order
  14. Stop loss
  15. Trailing Stop Loss
  16. Place order for buying
  17. Place order for Short Sell
  18. Modify Order.
  19. Cancel Order.
  20. P& L.
  21. Profit Booking.


  • How to find out stocks in Live Market for Intraday Trading?
  • How to find out stock in Live Market for positional Trading?
  • How to find out stockin Live Market for cash Market
  • Online Sheet for students only to find out Intraday Stock.
  • How to find out Target of Stocks for tomorrow.

Live Market Practical’s.

  • Demo Trading in Live Market
  • Set Target in Live Market
  • Profit Booking in Demo Trading
  • Real Trading in presence of expert

Course Benefits:

  • Our Experts will help you to learn in simple Language.
  • No past experience required of Share Market.
  • We start from Basic to Advance. Which help you to understand easily.
  • We teach in Marathi / Hindi as well as in English Language.
  • Our Expert try to give you 100%Knowledge about all segments.
  • Life time support.
  • Live Market practical’s help you to improve your knowledge and Profit.
  • We help you to Register for NISM Examination.
  • We also provide Job assistant to our students. *
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